Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Poor Man's Roomba: Hello Kitty Mini Robot Cleaner

I have a long queue of Hello Kitty products to feature on my blog but to set the record straight, it is nothing exclusive. For several weeks, this item has been on my wishlist but I held off the purchase because I have no good use for it. 

If not for a discount code, this post would have been non-existent. As soon as it was delivered to me, I excitedly put it to the test.

Its nose serves as the power button and the thing that protrudes underneath is what helps maneuver and protect the roomba from inevitable bumps. Sorry folks, I do not own a real one because it would cost me an arm and a leg. In the meantime, a small device powered by two AA batteries will suffice. 

roomba vacuum
What a cute little helper!

This thing will remain a mystery to me but as I have stated in my previous entries, I love collecting quirky stuff and this cleaner will serve its purpose well! It just does not come with a promise to keep everything dust-free.

Sadly, the instructions in the packaging have no English translation but it is easy to operate so you will survive even without a manual. Hope you all enjoyed the short clip of my adorable worker


  1. How was it? I was so interested when I saw it in Rob. Na-intrigue ako.

  2. Parang toy lang po talaga. Hehe. Cute lang na pang display.

  3. I might buy one to tease my hamster. hehehehehe

    1. Very minimal dust lang. Sinama ko nalang sa collection ko para may purpose pa rin sya. :)

  4. So cute i hope you also do a blog of how to clean it. :-)

    1. Hi, thank you for dropping by! I do not use it as a cleaner because it barely collects dust. :)


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