Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello Kitty MP3 Player

April Fools' turned out to be okay. I spent the afternoon retrieving my package from the post office and the process was a breeze. The kind mister even waived half the amount of my tax and that is one offer I cannot refuse. Such an unusual happening from a place that is normally chaotic and corrupt but I digress.

And here goes the much-anticipated purchase! Thanks to eBay, we are finally reunited.

gift box gadget
The gift box.

I like things that come in adorable boxes but this one is too girly and gold is not my choice of color. However, I am still psyched to unbox it and see what surprises are hidden inside. 

gadget mp3

The package includes basic earphones, data cable, and an English/Chinese manual. There are two available protective covers to choose from but I picked the yellow bunny over the other design. Both are equally cute though.

What's in the box?

If you consider yourself technically challenged, this gadget is not a deal-breaker. Install the driver, drag and drop the MP3 files onto the folder and you are all set to listen to your eargasmic playlist.

gadget kawaii
Isn't it kawaii?

To fully maximize your listening pleasure, I suggest using high quality earphones. Cheap ones do not perform well and will make your ears bleed after a while. The menu buttons placed at the back of Hello Kitty's head remain responsive even when the protective silicone is on. 

gadget bunny kawaii
Bunny Kitty

Surprisingly, the battery lasted for hours though it was not fully charged. Being the third generation release, its storage capacity has been upgraded to 4GB. Still not big in size but it is a huge leap from the previous model. 

gadget music
Seeing double?

The player on the left (from 2010) is no longer working so I took the bait and risked my Paypal and credit card altogether in order to obtain a new one. It was a total relief when the transaction ended successfully. Yes, it left me broke - but I am satisfied and happy!


  1. Hala! Why did I discover your blog? Now I want this. San ka bumili? Would it function as a flash drive? So interested. Sana merong My Melody.

    1. Hi, sa eBay po. :) I think pwede po although hindi ko pa na-try maglagay ng ibang files maliban sa MP3.

    2. Ano link nung seller, please?
      I knew it. Di ko dapat binasa blog mo. Naloloka ako sa HK products tuloy. Do you shop sa Shopee? I made the mistake of showing it to my daughter. Ang daming cute.

    3. Hello Kitty fan rin po kayo? Buti nalang may naka relate sa blog ko kahit pano. Hehe. Sure, here's the link:

      Yes, I buy and sell sa Shopee! :)

    4. Actually, more of Melody and LTS. Dati kitty. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hey, thank you for dropping by! :)


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