Thursday, May 5, 2016

Doraemon x A'pieu Special Set Hand Cream

Who would have thought Doraemon would take part in a makeup campaign? Since its successful launch, it has been selling like hotcakes!

Because cosmetics is not my line of interest, I always feel left out when it comes to the latest buzz in beauty and fashion industry - or I must be simply living under a rock. 

This is yet another unplanned purchase because I could not turn a good deal down. I received a discount voucher from Shopee which has a tempting value and decided to use it. Owing to the fact that I am such a sucker for cute packaging and the opportunity presented itself, I immediately snagged the Doraemon x A'pieu Hand Cream Special Set before I change my mind. 

apieu korean lotion hand cream doraemon japan korean asian cute body care cosmetics makeup
Cute overload!

I have an ample supply of creams that will last me a year and here I am stocking up on additional items I hardly need. Initially, I only wanted to order a single tube so I can give it a try but I have come across a better and cheaper option that sells a set of five plus a limited edition Doraemon coin bank

Safety seal counts

I sampled the blue one (Lily) and it has a subtle floral scent. 30 minutes in and I can still smell it in my hands. My skin quickly absorbed the lotion and it did not leave a sticky feel. I like the non-greasy kind so I am giving it another plus point!

asian lotion body care makeup korean cream skin
No to sticky hand creams!

There are conflicting claims that A'pieu is against animal testing; can anyone confirm this? Before buying a product, ask yourself these questions: Is it environment-friendly? Is it cruelty-free? It has been a habit of mine to reach out to different companies and inquire if they subject animals to horrible tests; so far, I have gotten promising (hopefully not sugarcoated) responses. A separate entry will be posted next time.

korean cosmetics asian kawaii lip tint makeup air fit cushion lipstick blusher
Taken from @ryanraroar

If I were a makeup enthusiast, I would willingly shell out a ridiculous amount in order to try the airfit cushion and lip tints but this is how far I am willing to go. After all, this hand cream is the most tolerable item from their line and one I will actually use. 


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