Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sanrio Mini Desktop Vacuum Feat. Hello Kitty and Friends

Short hiatus is over and my happy hormones are almost back to its normal state! Thanks to my bad spending habits, I have something new to add to my collection and share on my blog. 

If you are a hardcore Sanrio hoarder, err, fan, hurry and grab your own adorable cleaning crew before they vanish into thin air. I would have followed my own advice if I did not have a brief realization that money does not grow on trees. 

Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Bad Badtz Maru Mini Cleaner and Gudetama Lamp
Multipurpose Decors
In case you missed it, I featured another Hello Kitty desktop cleaner back in March but it was quite a letdown. Since this blog is far from being popular, I am sure as hell nobody knows such an entry exists - or maybe a few. On a more positive note, these newly acquired handy helpers are more functional. 

Sanrio Hello Kitty Bad Badtz Maru and Pompompurin Desktop Cleaners
Cleaning buddies.

The rotating bristles effectively collect minute particles stuck in the crevices of keyboards and other hard to reach crannies. Apart from keeping your desk spic and span, these cuties will transform into a great conversation piece after doing all the dirty work.

Hello Kitty Mini Vacuum
Cleaning bristles

This lightweight and compact vacuum is powered by two AA batteries. To empty the compartment where dirt settles, simply press the front button and it will disengage. You know the drill, right?

Hello Kitty, Bad Badtz Maru, Pompompurin Mini Vacuum

One of the ways to keep your workplace free from bad juju is decorating it with seemingly happy things. As you can tell, my chosen style is kawaii and quirky. If you still think your private space looks drab, throw in a unique tchotchke

Sanrio Gudetama Desktop Mini Lamp
Lazy Egg

Perhaps this Gudetama mini lamp could induce a ton of "light-bulb moment" when you least expect it! Do you have any baubles in your station?

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