Sunday, April 9, 2017

San-X Rilakkuma x A'pieu Melting Hand Balm

A'pieu has done it again and they collaborated with Rilakkuma this time! Most Korean skin care brands are always on point but they make my wallet want to run for cover and never reappear.

There are a number of things to rave about this product aside from the obvious. You see, packaging is everything and it has a huge influence on my purchasing power. In fact, I scored a set of Doraemon hand cream from the same label last year.

It is said that this balm melts in body temperature so I did a quick experiment and the verdict followed shortly. Unfortunately, it did not magically liquefy! JK. A small amount goes a long way and much to my surprise, it has a cooling effect, too. The thick consistency keeps my skin moisturized for hours without the need to reapply often.

Melting Balm

My sense of smell failed to detect its scent the first time because it was too subtle. I am not mad at it though. It has whitening effect and helps lessen wrinkles on your hand. Might have to consume the whole content before I see the result. I reckon squeeze tubes are far more sanitary than tubs because an "exposed" container can wreak havoc in your beauty products if you are not careful. Hello, bacteria!

Cute but scratched packaging

Here is where the negative experience sets in. The item I got is flawed and seller claims she checked it prior to shipment which I doubt. This is something one cannot overlook as the scratches are way too apparent. I know what brand new or pristine looks like. Duh. Overall, it is a very interesting find!

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